Delivering on innovative designs

Glass links

Installing a glass link between buildings or creating a band of light through the middle of a house is a fantastic way of adding value and enhancing your living environment. Glass links offer a point of difference and practicality that are hard to beat.

Contemporary luxury

Glass links bring the outside in, allowing natural light to dance through your space, creating a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living. Innovation meets elegance, transforming your home into a masterpiece of modern design. Whether
linking your living room to a scenic garden space, enclosing a courtyard, or purely replacing a solid walkway we can adapt our structures to enhance your lifestyle. It's not just a link; it's a gateway to endless possibilities.

As our glazing is completely frameless we are a good choice for even the most stringent of design briefs.

Frameless solution

Fixing methods can vary to suit each project need, with the option to chase all fixings into the stonework where possible for a completely frameless look. By using the latest glass technology we can specify a specification that enables us to install safe, self supporting structures.

Glass to glass connections

Establishing a seamless connection from the roof glazing to frameless glass walls enhances the creation of a minimal, frameless solution, ideal for the most delicate of architectural structures. Glass links offer flexibility with options for double or triple glazing, allowing customisation based on desired thermal efficiency.

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