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Oriel windows

Oriel windows truly capture the essence of the "wow factor". These projecting glazed structures, frequently serve as inviting window seats, providing a cozy nook to enjoy a book. They seamlessly connect indoor spaces with the outdoors, providing a contemporary take on a bay window.

Gain space and light

Designing an oriel window into your project will bring aesthetic appeal and enhance the comfort of your property.

With a truly frameless frameless finish our Oriel windows offer great U values and a bright spot for the colder , darker winter months.

Utilize our knowledge and experience to help develop complex designs. We are always enthusiastic to discuss project at an early stage to ensure the best possible outcome. Feel free to contact us for friendly advice.


Oriel Windows don't have to be all glass constructions. With our inhouse team of skilled cladders we can work with your carpenters to create something truly unique.

Using powder coated aluminium for the sides and raw timber for the internal reveals, we can help make a space that fits cohesively in with the rest of your design.

A personal space to relax

Less is more. Without a frame, glass runs seamlessly into brickwork creating a contemporary feel. Providing you don't need to open a window there is no reason to have a frame. The clean smooth lines of our Oriel windows deliver a feeling of luxury to any project. 

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